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Recommendations Firstly the owner-manager needs to become aware of and understand the benefits and the role of ICT within the SME. ICT then needs to be prioritised as a functional area. Once this is done the SME should build an ICT culture within the business, by making the business process more reliant on technology and less on manual processes, and by continually exploring all the various and newest technological options with their possible benefits to the SME.

Constant communication with staff about what is happening is important to make all employees comfortable with it. The SME should also invest in training its staff about technology and encourage employees to use technology and join OSS communities. As recommended by Martin

    • (2005)

      , successful Internet adoption depends on different roles being set out. The SME should thus develop different ICT roles and name them in such a way that everyone can relate to them with ease. The aim is to make technology easy and understandable so that everyone feels comfortable with it and applies it effectively.

    • 5.5

      Decision-making process with regards to ICT

The finding from the interviews was that the decision-making process is one sided. These results confirm the statement in the literature that the owner is the centre of the SME business, making all or most of the decisions. This is a weakness, as the literature indicates, because the owner-manager of the SME is the decision maker in all aspects of the business, including ICT, without necessarily having proper knowledge of the ICT environment. The owner- manager’s capability gaps or knowledge gaps, intuitive or organic styles, and motivations will influence his or her decisions. Perry (2007) stresses that random decision making with regards to ICT is a problem and something that needs to be addressed in order to give SMEs competitive capability.

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