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about its security, because of not understanding it and because they cannot tell if they are being robbed. They would rather use methods that they understand.

There is one obstacle that stood out, that of the present power shortage problem, which is a disaster and a threat to South African businesses. The problem is that customers start experiencing delays because the systems are offline, which destroys the benefits that technology should bring to businesses. The other obstacles discussed above can be overcome by employing experts with ICT skills and investing in ICT knowledge within the business.

Most of the respondents did not classify these obstacles into impact areas.

Recommendations The first step is to classify all the obstacles or stumbling blocks into impact areas, such as strategic, technological, or organisational and behavioural, as recommended by Ritchie and Brindley (2005). Once that is done, a plan of action should be drawn up of how to overcome the obstacles. For example, some of the barriers can be dealt with more quickly as they do not require money, while others can be planned for when funds become available. The advantage of grouping the obstacles is that you might find that the organisational and behavioural barriers can be solved with relative ease, while solving technology-related barriers might take time.

Lack of money can be overcome by exploring OSS solutions, by sharing resources with other businesses or by buying software as a service. The latter option has been growing: we have seen consulting companies coming up with solutions in this field while service providers such as banks provide some of these solutions to their clients as value-adding services.

As an alternative to expensive in-house payroll systems, SMEs could outsource or rent these services. A good example of a bank providing

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