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G.1.13: Direct the development of and adopt board policy that endorses change for improvement purposes and provides direction for the change process.

G.1.14: Direct the development of and adopt board policy that establishes a policy development and review cycle and adhere to it.

G.1.15: Direct the superintendent to develop administrative procedures (where appropriate) that provide clarification and further direction to staff regarding the implementation of board policies.

  • G.

    1.16: Hold the superintendent responsible for implementing all board policies.

  • G.

    1.17: Commit adequate resources for the effective implementation of board policies and

administrative procedures.

Administrative Functions: The following actions are recommended to the Clover Park School District Superintendent:

  • A.

    1.1: Assist the Board in the development and/or revision of board policies.

  • A.

    1.2: Revise existing and create new job descriptions, as appropriate, according to Curriculum

Management Audit Center standards (see Finding 1.4). Provide copies to all affected personnel.

A.1.3: Develop administrative procedures as required by policy and/or necessary for clarification or further direction for policy implementation. Convert all existing “regulations” to procedures within a new numbering system.

A.1.4: Implement a systematic process of informing and training all administrative and appropriate support staff of changes in board policies and administrative procedures and in their proper implementation.

A.1.5: Hold administrators responsible for the implementation of all board policies and administrative procedures associated with their individual job assignments through formative and summative performance evaluation.

A.1.6: Direct the technology department to investigate the feasibility of placing the board policies and administrative procedures on the district’s website with a search drive that queries by key words as well as policy number and title.

Recommendation 2: Design and Implement a Quality Curriculum Management System. The critical ingredients of a comprehensive curriculum management system include:

  • 1)

    Policies that provide a framework for curriculum management,

  • 2)

    Curriculum management plans requiring periodic review and revision of curriculum using

student performance data and educational program evaluation results,

  • 3)

    Provisions for coordination and articulation of the curriculum,

  • 4)

    Curriculum guides that provide adequate statements of work for teachers,

  • 5)

    Professional development to support curriculum design and delivery, and

  • 6)

    Supervision for evaluation and improvement of instruction.

The auditors determined that the district lacked a comprehensive curriculum management system. The written curriculum was found to be adequate in scope at the elementary and middle school levels but inadequate at the secondary level (see Finding 2.1). Most courses at the secondary level were without guides. The quality of the guides was inadequate to direct instruction (see Finding 2.2). In addition, the use of the available curriculum guides was found to be ineffective (see Finding 2.3). The auditors recommend the following actions to strengthen the design and implementation of curriculum guides:

Governance Functions: The following actions are recommended to the Clover Park School District Board of Directors:

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