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A.2.8: Develop a comprehensive evaluation process to determine the










success of the adopted include determining and

reporting success, pinpointing problem areas and presenting interpreted and used to reinforce success or identify and apply

results in a format corrective action.





Recommendation 3: Redesign and Implement a Comprehensive and Aligned Curriculum and Program Assessment Management System to Provide for Consistency and Continuity, Meaningful Data for Decision-making in Student Learning and Staff Development, District Operations, and Improvement of Teaching.

Officials in the district need to design and implement a comprehensive and aligned curriculum and program assessment management system to provide for consistency and continuity, meaningful data for decision-making in student learning and staff development, district operations and improvement of teaching. Accountability needs to be approached from a systemic, objective perspective. The development of a comprehensive feedback and assessment system and development of research designs for the evaluation of programs that support the curriculum work plan is critical. The following issues should be addressed:

  • There is a need to prioritize testing analysis and interpretation as a tool to raise the importance of curriculum and instructional improvement. Much of the district's curriculum is not formally assessed (see Finding 4.1). Student achievement measured on the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) examinations reflects low achievement and average performance varies widely among schools (see Finding 4.2). For several schools, students are not achieving as well as one might expect based on their economic advantage over other students in the district (see Finding 4.2). Students in Clover Park School District are not experiencing success equally or provided support equitably (see Finding 3.5).

  • Curriculum and assessment management structures and monitoring functions are not clearly defined. Lack of organizational clarity contributes to the finding that data are not consistently used to improve instruction (see Findings 1.3, 2.3, 3.3, and 4.3). Planning is fragmented (see Findings 1.2). The organizational chart is inadequate to accomplish the tasks and responsibilities needed in curriculum management and accountability (see Finding 1.3).

  • Student test results are not interpreted or used consistently and classroom strategies observed indicate use of low power instruction and irregular use of best practices (see Finding 2.4). The scope of the written curriculum is inadequate at grades 9-12 (see Finding 2.1). The quality of curriculum guides documents is inadequate for effective teaching and learning (see Finding 2.2). Interventions for improvement are plentiful, but the rationale and performance results measurement are inadequate and ineffective (see Finding 5.4).

  • Staff development, while adequate in scope, is ineffectively designed and implemented (see Finding 3.1). Articulation and coordination of curriculum across grade levels vertically and horizontally is deficient (see Finding 3.2).

  • Budget procedures and processes are not program centered or connected to diagnosed differential needs of schools (see Finding 5.1).

Coordinated and effective leadership for school system accountability will help to eliminate fragmentation that exists because of the absence of a comprehensive assessment and evaluation system. An adequate assessment and evaluation system and a focused plan for testing analysis and interpretation ensures that assessment data are used effectively to diagnose student learning needs, plan appropriate staff development, promote effective monitoring of instruction and target resources to the areas with greatest need. Integration of planning, monitoring and resource allocation helps to improve the management of the curriculum, which will result in improved student achievement. The

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