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plan must incorporate stakeholder involvement and be aligned with the curriculum management plan to impact the design and delivery of the curriculum.

Strengthening and coordinating staff responsibility for testing analysis, data interpretation and program evaluation will increase the productivity of the district. Focused leadership and direction for accountability provides the Board, principals, teachers, parents, and the public with more reliable information regarding the effectiveness of Clover Park School District’s schools. A senior staff person reporting to the superintendent needs to assume oversight of accountability for the school district to ensure that appropriate disaggregated data are available to schools for use in diagnosing and acting on curricular programs, providing teachers with useful data for adjusting instruction, and communicating vital information about student learning to students and their parents.

An adequate feedback and assessment system would include the following features:

  • Strong accountability leadership that reports to the superintendent or other high level administrator;

  • Board policy that effectively directs educational practice;

  • Scope of testing program that is adequate in relation to the grades and subjects assessed;

  • Assessments that control for bias and are valid and reliable measurements of student achievement;

  • A matrix that indicates assessment tools, purposes, subjects, type of student tested, and timelines to be utilized;

  • Clear, delineated roles and responsibilities of the Board, central office staff, and school-based staff;

  • Adequate staffing and/or contractual relationships to facilitate needed assessment and evaluation activities for the district;

  • Clear relationship indicated between district and state assessments;

  • Required ongoing training plan for various audiences on assessment analysis and interpretation;

  • A cycle for program evaluation with results used to make curriculum and program decisions, tests results that are used effectively to diagnose and improve curricula;

  • A communication plan for student assessment process;

  • Ongoing evaluation of the assessment plan; and,

  • Budget ramifications with connections to resource allocations.

The current feedback and assessment system in the Clover Park School District does not meet these criteria.

Governance Functions: The following actions are recommended to the Clover Park School District Board of Directors:

G.3.1: Ensure that the redesigned organizational chart includes a high-level accountability officer with aligned research, assessment, and accountability functions. The accountability officer should report directly to the Superintendent of Schools. This will ensure that the superintendent, her administrative team, and the Board of Directors receive timely information regarding student achievement and program effectiveness.

G.3.2: Develop and adopt a policy to include a framework for a comprehensive, up-to-date assessment and evaluation plan aligned with the written and taught curriculum, which will provide a purpose, scope, and direction for testing, program evaluation, and the use of data produced.

G.3.3: Develop and adopt a policy that specifies that programs and projects to be evaluated on a periodic basis and that program evaluation data be used in making program and budget decisions.

G.3.4: Develop and include in the policy a schedule for staff to report to the Board and community on the progress toward district and campus student achievement goals.

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