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G.3.5: Use student assessment data when making budget and other programmatic decisions so budget will be properly allocated to support identified district program priorities.

Administrative Functions: The following actions are recommended to the Clover Park School District Superintendent:

A.3.1: Appoint an accountability officer to provide overall direction for testing, and research and evaluation functions for the school system, including test data analysis and interpretation and provide necessary resources (staff or outside contractors) to allow high quality assessment and evaluation activity to be conducted.

A.3.2: Assist the Board of Directors in rewriting current policies in the area of student assessment. Ensure that the policies provide a framework for a comprehensive approach to student assessment and data reporting.

A.3.3: Assist the Board in developing and implementing policy on program evaluation to gauge program effectiveness and the quality of curriculum implementation activities.

A.3.4: Write corresponding administrative regulations to the board policies to provide clear direction using assessment and evaluation data when making decisions about the curriculum, budget, and staff development.

A.3.5: Develop a strong, comprehensive feedback and assessment system that will provide a variety of formal assessment measures to use in making decisions about the curriculum, the budget, and staff development. It is important that a strong expectation be communicated to teachers that results are to be used for assessment of the individual achievement of students, to regroup students for instruction, and to modify the curriculum and/or instructional delivery based on assessment feedback. Assessment data should be used by teachers and curriculum staff to evaluate curricular strengths and weaknesses and should provide data based curriculum updating on a periodic basis. Principals must also monitor curriculum implementation and instructional quality on a regular basis.

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    3.6: The comprehensive student assessment program needs to include the following components:

    • State-mandated student assessments;

    • District-level criterion-referenced tests for significant district selected objectives across all grade levels and disciplines;

    • A variety of formative assessment strategies with a focus on feedback and improvement;

    • Schedules and timelines linking curriculum and instruction assessment instruments to a curriculum review and revision process on a continual basis;

    • A pre- and post- criterion-referenced assessment system that documents, records, and reports student achievement;

    • Appropriate measures of student success, such as, open-ended assessment items, performance- based demonstrations, and portfolios with clearly delineated measurement criteria;

    • High school course examinations to measure the achievement of course objectives by students and for curriculum improvement;

    • Expectations on how the faculty and staff will administer and use assessment data (including data disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, and economically disadvantaged status), and the role of central office staff in the assessment data generation, analysis and interpretation processes; and

    • Expectations on how the assessment data and evaluation results will be communicated to stakeholders.

    • A functioning and use friendly management information system that will allow principals to readily access and reorder data for students in their schools.

  • A.

    3.7: Develop a systemic evaluation of the districts’ comprehensive assessment and evaluation


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