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G.4.4: Require annual reports from each school regarding their plans for assuring student success and progress made in closing the achievement gap and reducing the drop-out rate.

G.4.5: Direct the superintendent to develop a plan to systematically and consistently address the needs of special education students across the district.

Administrative Functions: The following actions are recommended to the Clover Park School District Superintendent:

  • A.

    4.1: Assist the Board in developing the policies recommended above.

  • A.

    4.2: Develop a plan for eliminating the achievement gap and addressing equity in all district

operations. Include the following steps:

  • Locate achievement gaps by school and grade levels.

  • Require principals to develop a plan to assure success for all students, including strategies to address the needs of low and slow performing students at risk of dropping out of school.

  • Direct each principal to allocate resources, including teachers and paraprofessionals; time for learning; and staff training to increase the learning of students from economically disadvantaged communities.

  • Ensure equal access to educational programs, courses, and extracurricular activities.

  • Hold staff accountable for progress toward equity through personnel evaluations.

  • Begin the process in kindergarten, grade six, and grade nine during the first year of implementation.

  • Keep the achievement gap closed, especially at kindergarten and moving to first grade. Expect varied instructional methods, increased time on task, and allocated resources to accomplish this.

  • The second year of implementation works on closing the gaps in grades two, three, seven, and ten. The third year focuses on grades four, five, eight, eleven, and twelve. If the gap is closed in kindergarten and first grade and remains closed, it will be eliminated in 13 years.

    • A.

      4.3: Revise the budgeting process to provide for equitable allocation of resources (see

Recommendation 6).

A.4.4: Design and implement a focused staff development plan to improve teacher and student performance (see Recommendation 3).

A.4.5: Develop a monitoring system that will provide principals, program administrators, and the Board with timely reports on progress towards eliminating the achievement gap.

A.4.6: Develop a plan to provide consistent, cohesive, and quality special education services to students across the district. Include the following elements:

  • Board policy that presents a shared vision regarding the delivery of services to special needs students and provides direction for program design and service delivery.

  • An analysis of what is and what is not working, including staff performance issues.

  • An analysis of the need for increased central office direction and support.

  • Clear delineation of special education decisions that are to be made at the district level and decisions that are made at the school level.

  • A monitoring process to support implementation and compliance with legal requirements.

  • Evaluation procedures.

Recommendation 5: Restructure Administrative Roles and Responsibilities in Curriculum Management for Greater Strength in Curriculum Design and Delivery.

The Table of Organization of the Clover Park School District requires modifications to provide clarity of roles and improvement of curriculum management functions. By curriculum management

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