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audit standards, the Clover Park School District Table of Organization is inadequate in design and ineffective in delivery (see Finding 1.3). The auditors found that span of control is excessive for the superintendent, key instructional line administrators and teachers are not placed in the center of the table of organization; and numerous positions of widely varying levels of responsibility are incorrectly placed on the same level in the table of organization.

Statements on job descriptions regarding qualifications, links to chain of command, and responsibilities are generally inadequate (see Finding 1.4). Statements of relationship to curriculum and support of mission are inadequate or missing. Evidence of the effect of these omissions is found in Findings 3.1 (staff development), Finding 3.2 (articulation and coordination of curriculum), Finding 3.4 (special education), Finding 3.5 (equity), Findings 4.1 through 4.3 (assessment), and Finding 5.1 (budgeting).

Governance Functions: The following actions are recommended to the Clover Park School District Board of Directors:

G.5.1: Direct the superintendent to prepare, for board review, critique, and adoption, a revised Table of Organization and revised job descriptions based on the criteria provided in Exhibit 1.3.1 and Finding 1.4.

G.5.2: Direct the superintendent to provide yearly reports on the Table of Organization as it pertains to accuracy in depicting the district’s line staff relationships and productivity, e.g., improving student achievement.

Administrative Functions: The following actions are recommended to the Clover Park School District Superintendent:

  • A.

    5.1: Restructure the Table of Organization per Exhibit R.5.1.

  • A.

    5.2: Develop Table of Organization for all major departments and follow the criteria presented in

Finding 1.5.

A.5.3: Reduce the span of control for the superintendent to a maximum of five employees. This action pertains particularly to the recommended additional position of deputy superintendent for instructional services. The deputy superintendent position would provide much needed assistance to the superintendent in addressing the key curriculum management functions of the system, and would give the instructional personnel greater direction and support.

The Chief Academic Officer Position needs to be abandoned, and so does one of the Directors of Technology positions. The two positions need to be consolidated into one administrative position. The area of special education needs greater administrative direction (see Finding 3.4) and a position is recommended to direct this area and to report to the Deputy Superintendent.

A.5.4: Revise job descriptions so that they are accurate, complete, and linked to curriculum. Follow the criteria for assessing job descriptions as given in Finding 1.4. New positions need to include directors of curriculum design and of assessment. Without quality development of teaching content and contexts and sound measurement of results, it is not possible for the Clover Park School District to improve.

These essential positions need to report to the redefined position of Administrator of School Programs. Most importantly, teachers need to be depicted in the administrative structure. They represent the most important level of line officer within the organization.

A.5.5: Implement the Table of Organization and job descriptions; explain the significance to all stakeholders, provide training where needed, monitor implementation and use, and report to the Board periodically per Action G.5.2.

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