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STANDARD 1: A School System Is Able to Demonstrate Its Control of Resources, Programs, and Personnel.

Quality control is the fundamental element of a well-managed educational program. It is one of the major premises of local educational control within any state’s educational system.

The critical premise involved is that, via the will of the electorate, a local Board of Education establishes local priorities within state laws and regulations. A school district’s accountability rests with the school board and the public.

Through the development of an effective policy framework, a local school board provides the focus for management and accountability to be established for administrative and instructional staffs, as well as for its own responsibility. It also enables the district to assess meaningfully and use student learning data as a critical factor in determining its success.

Although educational program control and accountability are often shared among different components of a school district, fundamental control of, and responsibility for, a district and its operations rests with the school board and top-level administrative staff.

What the Auditors Expected to Find in the Clover Park School District

A school system meeting PDK-CMAC Curriculum Management Audit Standard One is able to demonstrate its control of resources, programs, and personnel. Common indicators are:

  • A curriculum that is centrally defined and adopted by the board of education,

A clear set of policies that reflects state requirements and local program goals and the necessity to use achievement data to improve school system operations,

A functional administrative structure that facilitates the design and delivery of the district’s curriculum,

A direct, uninterrupted line of authority from school board/superintendent and other central office officials to principals and classroom teachers,

Organizational development efforts which are focused to improve system effectiveness,

Documentation of school board and central office planning for the attainment of goals, objectives, and mission over time, and

A clear mechanism to define and direct change and innovation within the school system to permit maximization of its resources on priority goals, objectives, and mission.



Overview of What the Auditors Found in the Clover Park School District








A clear set of accountability,


This section is an overview of the findings that follow in the area of Standard One. The details follow within separate findings.

The auditors found that board policies did not adequately instruct school personnel and the public about what the Board’s specifications and requirements were in terms of teaching and learning. The board policies were silent about what could be taught, leaving the strong possibility of fragmentation and inconsistency in what children learn in the various schools and classrooms across the system. Auditors found that board policies were not shown allegiance by school personnel in implementation. District planning efforts were also inadequate. The Board has not developed clear goals, objectives,

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