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Exhibit 1.1.2 (continued) Quality Criteria for Curriculum Management Policies and Auditors' Assessment Clover Park School District January 2001


Criteria Provides for Productivity - requires:

    • 5.1

      Program-based budget (i.e., allocations by activity)

    • 5.2

      Resource allocations tied to curriculum priorities

    • 5.3

      Environment to support curriculum delivery

    • 5.4

      Support systems focused on mission delivery

    • 5.5

      Data-driven decisions for the purpose of increasing

student learning 5.6 Change processes for long-term institutionalization Total Number Total Percent of 26 Quality Criteria


Criterion Not Met Met

Not found Technical Manual CBA 4.2 Not found 5254, 5254-P1, CBA A4-7


Not found

X X 5 21 20% 80%

Auditors found that policies and administrative regulations or procedures related to 17 (65 percent) of the 26 quality criteria, but quality standards were only met in five of 21 cases. No policies or related documents were found that addressed the nine criteria listed below:

  • Aligned written, tested, and taught curriculum

  • Written curriculum for all subject/learning areas

  • Curriculum content area emphasis

  • Program integration and alignment to the curriculum

  • Articulation and coordination of the curriculum

  • Use of data to determine effectiveness of all district functions

  • Program-based budgeting

  • Support systems focused on mission delivery

  • Change processes for long-term institutionalization

Only five (20 percent) of the Curriculum Management Audit Center quality criteria were met by a

single policy or group of policies provided to the auditors. following:

The policy analysis revealed the

1. Control Criterion 1.1: Aligned written, tested, and taught curriculum:

The auditors found no board policies, regulations, or procedures related to this criterion. Criterion 1.2: Philosophical statements of curriculum design approach:

Board Policy 1001, Philosophy of Education gives a very vague description of the district’s philosophy regarding curriculum. The only other policy the auditors found that addressed this criterion, Board Policy 4102, Credit Options Available to Students, reflects the Board’s philosophy regarding flexibility in delivery of the curriculum via alternative learning experiences such as correspondence college courses. This policy and the regulations cited (4001-R5, Academic Freedom; 4001-R6, Controversial Issues; 4102-R, Credit Options Available to Students; and 4009-R, Areas of

Study Available-Grades 9-12) address curriculum philosophy in a peripheral way. these documents do not meet the criteria.


Criterion 1.3: Board adoption of the curriculum:

Board Policy 4001, Curriculum clearly states that “it is the responsibility of the Board to prescribe the district’s curriculum...” and, therefore, meets this criterion. Regulations 4101-R1, Clover Park

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