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Board Policy 4001, Curriculum vaguely addresses this criterion by directing the curriculum to be “sequential,” but detail or clarification is insufficient to meet this criterion.

Criterion 3.2: Articulation and coordination of curriculum: The auditors found no board policies, regulations, or procedures related to this criterion. Criterion 3.3: Training for staff in delivery of the curriculum:

Board Policy 5340, District Inservice Programs directs the superintendent to administer a district- wide inservice program, outlines the process, and provides sufficient language that directly links the training to curriculum. Therefore the standard for this criterion is met. Board Policy 4001, Curriculum indirectly addresses this criterion through a reference of “development of instructional strategies.” Board Policy 5254, Probation, Non-Renewal or Termination; Procedure 5505-P,1 Procedure for Technology Equipment; and the Collective Bargaining Agreement appendices mention

staff training in other contexts.

Criterion 3.4: Delivery of the Curriculum

Two policies, Board Policy 4301, Summer School and Board Policy 5430, Volunteers for the Instructional Program, as well as seven administrative regulations and procedures address this criterion vaguely or in isolated contexts. However, individually or collectively they do not provide a comprehensive statement of curriculum delivery required to meet the criterion.

Criterion 3.5: Monitoring of the delivery of the curriculum

Regulation 4001-R2, Supervision of Instruction includes a general statement directing central office staff to “assist building staffs with curriculum implementation and evaluation.” However, there is no language that assigns final accountability for monitoring of the curriculum to the principal. Therefore, this criterion is not met.

Criterion 3.6: Equitable access to the curriculum and equitable delivery

Five policies, Board Policy 3115, Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Board Policy 321, Equal Educational Opportunity: Nondiscrimination; Board Policy 4601, Education of Students with Disabilities; Board Policy 4701, Home Based Instruction; and Board Policy 4801, Alternative Learning Experience, as well as a number of administrative procedures and regulations, reference equitable access and delivery to specific groups of students, i.e., students with disabilities, or under specific circumstances. However, none of these documents include a comprehensive blanket statement of equity that covers all students. Therefore, this criterion is not met.

4. Provides for Feedback Criterion 4.1: A student and program assessment process:

Board policy 4001, Curriculum and three associated regulations reference a student assessment program, but collectively they lack required detail in directing the comprehensive assessment of district wide curriculum across all grade levels and content areas. This criterion was not met.

Criterion 4.2: Use of data from assessment to determine program/curriculum effectiveness.

Regulation 4008-R, Experimental, Pilot or Innovative Instructional Programs is very specific in providing guidelines for the evaluation of “experimental, pilot or innovative programs” and, therefore, meets this criterion. Regulation 4001-R4, Academic Testing, includes a general statement of condition that “tests are given...to evaluate individual academic achievement and the strengths and weaknesses of school and district programs,” and Board Policy 5256, Program and Staff Reductions addresses program evaluation in the context of reduction in force and non-renewal of staff.

Criterion 4.3: Periodic reports to the Board on program effectiveness

Regulation 4008-R, Experimental, Pilot or Innovative Instructional Programs outlines procedures for evaluating all pilot programs for reporting the results to the “superintendent or designee and to

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