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the current Table of Organization. Instructional Programs requires goals Management Plan, a non-existent plan. users from taking associated action.

Regulation 4008-R, Experimental, Pilot, or Innovative for new programs to be incorporated into the Building Confusion regarding direction within a policy discourages

In summary, the Clover Park School District board policies, administrative regulations, and administrative procedures are inadequate in scope and quality to provide the direction and control necessary for sound curriculum management. Furthermore, the regular use of policies for guidance in making curriculum management and related decisions has not been practiced.

Finding 1.2: District Planning Is Inadequate in Design and Ineffective in Delivery.

The needs of students and society are continually evolving. Long- and short-term planning provides a mechanism to assess student and societal needs and foster improved achievement. Plans provide a

framework for systematic action and proactively addressing planning, in particular, promotes constancy of effort and helps time.

the district’s future. maintain administrative

Long-term focus over

The long-range planning process often involves many people, a great deal of time, and resources.

The completion of the planning document is just the beginning, however. implementation of an effective plan results in school improvement.

The purposeful

To determine the status of the Clover Park School district planning process, auditors reviewed appropriate policies and existing planning documents (see Finding 1.1). Interviews were conducted with board members, administrators, teachers, other staff, community members, and parents.

The auditors found that three policies related to planning:

  • Board Policy 0100 (1994): Commitment to Strategic Planning “The Board of Directors recognizes that the goals of high quality education for all students and increasing student achievement require structures, processes, skills and ways of thinking that must be established for the district. The Board of Directors commits the district to the process of strategic planning in order to provide a fundamental governance and management structure for the district. Planning will enable the district to respond to new developments and continually improve education within the discipline of the planning process.” The most recent strategic plan, “Blueprint for the Future,” was written and updated in 1997-98.

  • Board Policy 0520 (1998): Five-year Strategic Plan This policy is the Clover Park School District Strategic Plan “Blueprint for the Future.” The school district’s mission, core values, and objectives are included.

  • Board Policy 2003 (1994): Planning

“The superintendent shall undertake planning, of short- and long-range nature, to redesign and improve services, educational programs, and facilities, and to meet future, as well as present, needs of the students, employees, and community.” This policy speaks to both long- and short- range planning.

After reviewing planning documents and interviewing board members, teachers, and patrons, the audit team determined that system-wide planning was disconnected and not a coordinated effort. Board policies addressed strategic planning and the use of planning to improve district programs, but coordinated plans were incidental.

Planning documents provided by the district were reviewed. Documents used for system planning that were presented to the auditors are listed in Exhibit 1.2.1.

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