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administrators to gain assurance that the chart illustrated below was the official organization chart of the system.

The auditors used principles of sound management to critique the Clover Park School District’s organizational structure. These principles are presented in Exhibit 1.3.1.

Exhibit 1.3.1 Principles of Sound Organizational Management The span of control for effective day-to-day supervision requires district responsibility for no more than 12 employees with a range of 7-12 expected. No employee should have more than one supervisor. Tasks of a similar nature should be grouped together. Line (principals and teachers) and staff (secretaries, custodians, etc.) functions should be separated from curriculum design and program assessment functions. All positions shown at the same level must have similar responsibilities, authority, and compensation. All central functions, particularly functions that facilitate quality control, are included in the organizational structure. Span of Control Chain of Command Logical Grouping of Functions Separation of Line and Staff Functions Scalar Relationships Full Inclusion

The auditors analysis of these criteria is delineated below, and comments are based upon the structure as presented in Exhibit 1.3.2 on the following page.

Span of Control. The superintendent’s span of control (vertically up and down) includes the five members of the Board of Directors, the Chief Academic Officer, the Administrator of Business and Operations, the Administrator of Human Resources, the Administrator for School Programs, The Administrator of Schools (two each of this position), and Directors of Community Relations, Information Technology Services, and Information Technology Projects, for a total of 14 individuals. This number exceeds the number of subordinates specified as the maximum number in the audit criteria.

Chain of Command. In reviewing the organizational structure’s chain of command, there were no violations noted of the audit criteria; however, some positions were included in the structure that ordinarily are not part of the chain of command – the district attorney and the Superintendent’s executive assistant. These are not considered administrative positions.

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