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student services) included a “supervises” statement, a critical link in establishing connectivity among all of the Table of Organization positions. A few job descriptions (i.e., supervisor of publications, director of community relations, and director of technology projects) included a “reports to” chain of command that differed from the chain of command illustrated on the Table of Organization.

  • All of the job descriptions received an “adequate” or “strong” rating on the “responsibilities” criterion. Those rated as “strong” included a “desirable qualifications” section in addition to the “minimum qualifications” that typically included education and experience; required knowledge, skills and abilities; and required licensures or certifications.

  • Of the 21 job descriptions determined by the auditors to have a direct or indirect link to curriculum management, only four (22 percent) received an “adequate” or above rating on the “curricular linkages” criterion.

In addition to the job descriptions analyzed in Exhibit 1.4.2, the auditors were presented with several

job descriptions that were not included on the Table of Organization. following:

Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation, Director of Compensatory Education, and

Director of Curriculum and Assessment.

Examples include the

During interviews with district staff, the auditors were informed that the role of persons formerly in these three positions has been redefined as “director of school programs.” The Table of Organization lists five directors of school programs positions, one of which is currently vacant. The director of school programs position was reported by several district personnel to be the “first level staff support” to the campuses, and therefore a very critical position to the connection between the campus and central office. However, it is one of the positions on the Table of Organization for which there was no written job description provided to the auditors, resulting in direction regarding these five employees’ specific duties and responsibilities being subject to ambiguity and each administrator’s understanding of what she perceives the job to entail.

In summary, the Clover Park School District job descriptions are adequate in scope but inadequate in

quality to operationalize sound curriculum management. collective job descriptions are clear statements of upward curricular linkage.

The most problematic areas of and downward chain of command

the and

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