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  • While treating everyone fairly and equitable (sic).

The mission statement of the Clover Park School District indicates “high standards” and “improving instruction” and “self-driven motivation.” These terms are not defined in district documents, but inferences would include a need for increasing profundity in the level of teaching strategies and activities.

District Focus Statement:

The Clover Park School District adopted a listing of foci for its schools which included the following:

The focus of the Clover Park School District shall be to:

  • 1.

    Improve student achievement,

  • 2.

    Share decision-making,

  • 3.

    Increase confidence in our school district,

  • 4.

    Guarantee equity for all programs and all people,

  • 5.

    Build a positive culture,

  • 6.

    Establish and maintain strong cohesive teams, and

  • 7.

    Value our diversity of people and ideas.

The District Focus Statement indicates “improve student achievement” and “build a positive culture” as attributes of its instructional program. Moreover, it also calls for “value (of) our diversity of people and ideas,” indicating a need for differentiation of instruction.

Washington State Goals:

The goals established by the Washington Commission on Student Learning have been adopted by the Clover Park School District, and these goals include the following expectations for students to accomplish:

Goal 1: Read with comprehension, write with skill and communicate effectively and responsibly in a variety of ways and settings.

Goal 2: Know and apply the core concepts and principles of mathematics, social, physical, and life sciences, civics and history; geography; arts; and health and fitness.

Goal 3: Think analytically, logically, and creatively; and to integrate experience and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems.

Goal 4: Understand the importance of work and how performance, effort and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities.

Instruction that is responsive to these goals would include intellectual profundity in selection of learning activities, problem solving, and formation of reasoned judgments.

District Objectives:

A set of objectives has been also adopted by the Clover Park School District, and these objectives include the following:

  • Each school will meet or exceed the state mean on all state required assessments,

All students will meet or Standards of Excellence,










  • All students will be contributing members of their community, and

  • Students, parents and the community will report a continuing increase in satisfaction with the

skills and preparation attained by students while in the Clover Park School District.

Clover Park School District Audit Report Page 44

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