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in nature, including seat work, textbook assignments, copying, worksheets, or listening to teachers talk. Exhibit 2.4.5 illustrates the distribution of the activities in high school classrooms.


Exhibit 2.4.5 Frequency of Types of Instruction: High Schools Clover Park School District

Transition 11%

Testing 2%

Direct Instruction 55%

Seat Work 19%

Problem Sol ing 0%

Applied Practice 13%

In the nearly 400 classrooms recorded, a large percentage of instructional activities were passive in nature, and as such were incongruent with Board expectations delineated earlier in this finding.

If the “snap shot” data are representative of the ongoing daily methodological preferences of Clover Park School District’s classroom teachers, then the auditors had to conclude that district standards, goals, and expectations which require students to move beyond the common curriculum to develop their own learning is receiving less emphasis than the acquisition of facts at low levels of cognition. The types of instructional strategies recorded do not reflect the district values and planning expectations. Moreover, actual curriculum delivery is far different than the auditors would have expected to encounter if the district expectations for instruction were carried out with greater fidelity by the professional staff.

Clover Park School District Audit Report Page 50

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