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Special education design and delivery was found to be inconsistent across the system, and students are not afforded equal opportunities for success. Comparisons between intentions and results for special education programming indicated substantial discrepancies and inadequacies.

Individual student needs are not being met adequately in the Clover Park School District. Student success is not addressed meaningfully by principals or teachers, and students demonstrate inordinate levels of failure. A majority of 9th grade students do not stay in school long enough to graduate. The 9th grade enrollment drops by over 20 percent at Clover Park High School and by over 10 percent at Lakes High School by the 10th grade, and by over 41 percent at Clover Park High School and by over 32 percent at Lakes High School by the 11th grade. Such excessive failure was not noted to be a serious concern either among teachers or principals.

Moreover, race was found to be tied to serious discrepancies in educational opportunities. Black students, representing one in four of Clover Park School District students, had less than one chance in ten of placement in gifted programs. White students, representing only 53 percent of the student body, had over 76 percent of the placements in gifted and talented programs. Males were also over

represented in gifted and special education programs. inadequate.

Equity and equality for students was

Finding 3.1: Staff Development Is Inadequate in Design and Not Linked to District Goals.

A high quality staff development program provides opportunities for all staff members to continually improve their performance. Needs assessments and performance evaluations determine the skills and support employees require in order to achieve district and school goals, effectively deliver the

curriculum, and attain intended student achievement results.


involvement of all up and support.









change requires the with intensive follow-

The auditors reviewed staff development documents, board policies, job descriptions, district goals, and school plans. They also interviewed district administrators, principals, and teachers regarding the Clover Park School District’s staff development efforts.

Exhibit 3.1.1 presents the documents reviewed.

Exhibit 3.1.1 Staff Development Documents Reviewed Clover Park School District 2000-2001 Document

Board of Education Policy 5340 District Focus Clover Park School District Focus The Why Files, Volume 2, Issue 9 – CPEA Staff Development School Plans Job Descriptions Summer Institute Brochures Summer Institute Surveys Survey of Staff Development Needs for Guidance and Counseling New Teacher Mentoring Program Teacher Assistance Program Accelerated Schools Summer Conference Memo Regarding Schatz Continuing Education Support Fund Memo Regarding Eisenhower Professional Development Program in the CPSD Mathematics Yearlong Plan

Date June 12, 1995 1999-2001 1998-1999 February 1999 1999-2001 1997-2000 1996-2000 March 10, 2000 October 17, 2000 October, 2000 1999-2000 1999-2000 October 27, 1999 August 31, 2000 2000-2001

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