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Exhibit 3.1.2 (continued) Characteristics of a Comprehensive Staff Development Program and Auditors’ Assessment of District Approach Clover Park School District 2000-2001


  • 13.

    Is based on human learning and development and adult learning principles.

  • 14.

    Uses a variety of staff development approaches.

  • 15.

    Provides for follow up and on-the-job application necessary to ensure improvement.

  • 16.

    Requires an evaluation process that is ongoing, includes multiple sources of information, focuses on all levels of the organization, and which is based on actual changed behavior.

  • 17.

    Provides for system-wide coordination and has a clearinghouse function in place.

  • 18.

    Provides the necessary funding to carry out staff development goals.

Auditors’ Rating Adequate Inadequate X X





A district’s staff development program is considered adequate if it meets 70 percent of the audit criteria. The Clover Park Staff Development Program was rated adequate on four characteristics, or 22 percent, and is considered inadequate to improve teaching and learning.

The auditors noted the following regarding Exhibit 3.1.2:

  • Board policies reference staff development, but lack the specificity needed to provide direction for a comprehensive and coordinated staff development program.

  • Board Policy 5340: District Inservice Programs states that district-wide training programs are to be developed cooperatively with staff and administrators to meet their immediate and projected needs. Cultural awareness and sensitivity training are to be incorporated into required training. This policy does not specify a staff development program linked to district goals, priorities, or the curriculum.

  • A long-range, comprehensive staff development plan does not exist. A mission statement for staff development is not in place.

Opportunities for district, school and department, and individual professional development are available for certified staff, but are not planned in a systemic manner. The teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement states: “Participation in staff training programs shall be optional.” Certain non-certificated employees are not provided with staff development.

Although no policy states the expectation that each supervisor is to be a developer of staff, various job descriptions reference providing training for staff. The Chief Academic Officer’s job description

lists as a responsibility professional development

“to lead the development and implementation of







a comprehensive are to “assist in

developing and Principals are to

supporting “research

district and school level and coordinate appropriate

inservice/staff development initiatives.” inservice training opportunities for staff

members. Staff development is also referenced in the job administrators. However, the job descriptions of supervisors of not reference staff training.

descriptions of non-instructional

School Programs staff generally do

While no district goal directly addresses staff development, District Focus #1, “Improve student

achievement,” is reflected in many district and school staff development offerings. Institutes have focused on using curriculum documents, assessments, and effectiv

Summer e teaching


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