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There is no indication that district or school student and program assessment data are considered in staff development planning. Needs assessment and survey data were used in the development of some activities.

Research-based approaches are not referenced in the selection of staff development activities.

Staff members are provided numerous staff development opportunities that are at an awareness level. On the job implementation and institutionalization are not regularly provided for with monitoring and feedback from supervisors. A few instances of follow-up efforts were noted. Examples include a study group formed following action research training and teachers meeting by grade level to share information on implementation of a new math adoption.

Auditors found no evidence that the effectiveness of staff development offerings is measured in terms of improved student and staff performance. Current evaluation is limited to satisfaction with the trainer and training.

Each site provides staff development, but the criteria site-based teams use in making decisions regarding professional development activities are unclear. The auditors did not find evidence that school programs are monitored or coordinated at the district level.

The district budget supports staff development, although no Board policy addresses the provision of funding to carry out staff development goals. Most district staff development funds are managed at the building level. Grants, such as Title I and Learning Assistance Program (LAP), fund staff development at some schools.

The state funds Learning Improvement Days, which are three additional teachers’ contract days to be used for staff development. In Clover Park each school site council determines how the days are used. Activities are to relate to increased student achievement and be linked to the school plan and district focus.

Exhibit 3.1.3 presents the staff development offerings provided (or planned) for each school as listed in Learning Improvement Days Plans.

Exhibit 3.1.3 Staff Development Offerings by School Site

School Beachwood Elementary

Carter Lake Elementary

Clarkmoor Elementary

Custer Elementary Dower Elementary

Evergreen Elementary

Heartwood Elementary

Clover Park School District 2000-2001 Staff Development Offerings as Listed in Learning Improvement Days Plans Site-based governance: Rewrite by-laws and team building to implement NWREL prep; instruction to implement Investigations Assessment- types and when to use CPSD/NWREL Accelerated Reader/Reading Renaissance training WASL literacy and assessment ASP training Title I planning: schedules Title I planning: grade level strategies Evaluation of current plan Accelerated Schools training WASL Toolkits; new math curriculum WASL/ curriculum alignment Reading Roots and Wings training; NCS Mentor review; focus on math Math Wings curriculum compacting; report card preparation Schoolwide goal setting; grade level/team planning Student behavior management Make Your Day program training Implementation of Heartwood plan; academic assessment focus

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