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  • “Fifty percent of the (special education) kids we are transporting out of home school boundaries; this shouldn’t be.”

  • “We have kids on buses for too long.”

  • “When my son moved from elementary to middle school, he went to a more restrictive placement.”

  • “There is very little inclusion (of special education students) in school activities.”

  • “Some students riding handicapped buses are required to leave school 20 minutes early. In addition, these same students are barred from after school programs and tutoring because of the transportation limitation.”

  • “Handicapped accessible restrooms are so far from the classroom that students lose instructional time just going to the restroom.”

  • “We are not ADA compliant in our building for Life Skills students.”

  • “We’re running into a lot of issues regarding access of our wheelchair students in our schools.”

Quality professional growth opportunities for principals, teachers, and paraprofessionals are an essential component of a consistent and cohesive special education program (see Finding 3.1). In the Clover Park School District site-based management, inclusion, and high staff turnover underscore the need for systemic, ongoing, and high quality professional development, which is not taking place at this time. Comments were made during interviews about the need for additional staff training. Sample comments included:

  • “Staff development for special education teachers is lacking.”

  • “There needs to be some standard trainings in place to support special education services.”

  • “Principals need more training in special education. They get information as new principals, but that isn’t enough.”

  • “A weakness in special education is how to do training in specialized skills.”

  • “Special education paraprofessionals have little training.”

  • “Special education teachers sometimes don’t seem to know what to do. They do the best they can with the knowledge they have.”

  • “Special education is a total disaster. There is no training for inclusion teachers and IEPs are altered to fit programs.”

Effectively managed programs are efficient, consistent, and adhere to all legal requirements. Comments made during interviews expressed concerns about these issues under the current system:

“We have WASL.”













  • “My sons are supposed to be getting compensatory services (related services), but the teachers often don’t show up. I can’t depend on that they are going to be there.”

  • “Special education issues are like spinning your wheels. There is lots of talking and a lack of responsiveness.”

  • “It took me two years just to get my (learning disabled) son assessed. The only way I got him assessed is coming in here and throwing two years of paperwork down on the coordinator’s desk and threatening a lawsuit.”

  • “If an IEP says my kid should have resource room (support), who are you to say we don’t have that program?”

  • “In my school there are some students who were referred to special education in September who are still not being served (in January).”

Clover Park School District Audit Report Page 63

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