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Clover Park School District Mission

The mission of the Clover Park School District is to teach all children what they need to know to succeed and contribute to their community. We will accomplish this by...

  • Setting high standards,

  • Demanding excellence,

  • Maintaining accountability,

  • Improving instruction,

  • Strengthening partnerships,

  • Communicating openly,

  • Encouraging self-driven motivation, and

  • While treating everyone fairly and equitable.

Display of Mission Statements of Clover Park School District Individual Schools

In 1941, after a substantial military buildup in the area during World War II, the five elementary districts and the high school district combined to become the Clover Park School District (No. 400). A. G. Hudtloff was the first superintendent of the reorganized school district. The military influence contributed to continued growth during the next two decades, eventually creating the need for two high schools, four special or alternative schools, four middle schools, and 19 elementary schools.

Student Enrollment and Faculty

The Clover Park School District has approximately 14,000 students, of which 53 percent are White, 23 percent are African-American, 12 percent are Asian-American, 10 percent are Hispanic, and two percent are Native American. The racial and ethnic diversity that characterizes the district is unique in the State of Washington. The economic composition of the school system is also diverse, with about 52 percent of the students qualifying for Free and Reduced Meal Prices under the federal government’s guidelines for poverty eligibility. The school system has about 840 professional staff members, and approximately 465 support personnel. The ratio of students per professional staff member was less than 18 in 2000. The number of students per administrator was about 230:1, which was about 40 students below the Washington State average of 270:1. The system also has about four percent of its students who qualify for Limited English Proficiency classes.

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