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  • “There is inequality in technology. My building has lots of computers, but I’ve previously been in buildings that don’t have technology.”

  • “We need to define what is site-based and what decisions are district-wide (regarding technology).”

  • “Because of site-based management, technology has become disjointed.”

  • “Technology and special education have become casualties of site-based management.”

Other concerns about the allocation of resources were expressed during interviews. The following are representative comments:

  • “There is a huge achievement gap between poor and minorities and others.… The district has been very careful to fund equally, but not equitably.”

  • “The dollars need to go where the equity issues are, not rely on grants, etc.”

  • “The Title I schools use the money to support national models. If you’re not Title, you have to support your proposal to get levy money.”

  • “We have no performing arts center or stadium. It costs $200 each time Lakes has to transport students to Lakewood Stadium for athletic events.”

  • “Lakes High School seems to be the step-child of the two high schools. Look at the Clover Park High School athletic facilities. Our tennis court surfaces are 30 years old.”

  • “(Special education) resource programs and self-contained programs are managed at the building level. Special Ed staff gets cut; these are the kids who tend to drop out.”

  • “There basically isn’t any nursing support except in two elementary schools and one middle school. The high schools have nurses.”

  • “Nursing (service) isn’t something that should be voted on (by a school site team.).”

In summary, the auditors found inequalities and inconsistencies across the district in the areas of student achievement, program placement practices, discipline, and staffing practices that diminish students’ opportunities to acquire a quality education. Resources are not distributed according to need and certain site-based decisions have contributed to inequitable allocation of resources.

Clover Park School District Audit Report Page 75

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