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STANDARD 4: A School System Uses the Results from System-Designed

and/or -Adopted Assessments to Adjust, Ineffective Practices or Programs.


or Terminate

A school system meeting this audit standard has designed a comprehensive system of assessment/testing and uses valid measurement tools that indicate how well its students are achieving designated priority learning goals and objectives. Common indicators are:

  • A formative and summative assessment system linked to a clear rationale in board policy,

  • Knowledge, local validation, and use of current curricular and program assessment best practices,

  • Use of a student and program assessment plan which provides for diverse assessment strategies for varied purposes at all levels -- district, school, and classroom,

  • A way to provide feedback to the teaching and administrative staffs regarding how classroom instruction may be evaluated and subsequently improved,

  • A timely and relevant data base upon which to analyze important trends in student achievement,

  • A vehicle to examine how well specific programs are actually producing desired learner outcomes or results,

  • A data base to compare the strengths and weaknesses of various programs and program alternatives, as well as to engage in equity analysis,

  • A data base to modify or terminate ineffective educational programs,

  • A method/means to relate to a programmatic budget and enable the school system to engage in cost-benefit analysis, and

  • Organizational data gathered and used to continually improve system functions.

A school system meeting this audit standard has a full range of formal and informal assessment tools that provide program information relevant to decision-making at classroom, building (principals and school-site councils), system, and board levels.

A school system meeting this audit standard has taken steps to ensure that the full range of its programs is systematically and regularly examined. Assessment data have been matched to program objectives and are used in decision-making.

What the Auditors Expected to Find in the Clover Park School District

The auditors expected to find a comprehensive assessment program for all aspects of the curriculum, pre-K through the twelfth grade, which:

  • Was keyed to a valid, officially adopted, and comprehensive set of goals/objectives of the school district,

  • Was used extensively at the site level to engage in program review, analysis, evaluation, and improvement,

  • Was used by the policy-making groups in the system and the community to engage in specific policy review for validity and accuracy,

  • Became the foci and basis of formulating short- and long-range plans for continual improvement,

  • Was used to establish cost and select needed curriculum alternatives, and

  • Was publicly reported on a regular basis in terms that were understood by the key stakeholders in the community.

Clover Park School District Audit Report Page 76

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