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Exhibit 0.1 Student Enrollment Trends Clover Park School District

13800 13750 13700 13650 13600 13550 13500 13450 13400 13350 13300 13250


The above exhibit shows the relatively stable enrollment the school district has experienced over the previous decade. The student body enrollment has ranged from a low of 13,442 students in 1990 to a high of 13,737 students in 1996, and current enrollment in 2000 is 13,667 students.

Dr. Doris McEwen Walker is the current superintendent of the Clover Park School District, and the five members of the Board of Directors include the following:

  • Carole Jacobs, President (elected November, 1995)

  • Elli Falk, Former President (elected November, 1997)

  • Connie Coleman-Lacadie, Vice President (elected November 1997)

  • Terry L. Love (elected November 1999)

  • Jim Cooper (elected November, 1999)

According to its historical documents, a long history of commitment to education has characterized the Clover Park School District. The curriculum offers a wide range of electives and comprehensive courses of study in college preparatory, vocational, and physical education programs. A full range of extra-curricular programs and activities is available, beginning in the elementary grades. All Clover Park School District schools have libraries, lunch programs, and multipurpose rooms or gyms for student activities.

Background Purpose and Scope of the Work

The Curriculum Management Audit is a process which was developed by Dr. Fenwick W. English and first implemented in 1979 in the Columbus Public Schools, Ohio. The audit is based upon generally-accepted concepts pertaining to effective instruction and curricular design and delivery, some of which have been popularly referred to as the “effective schools research.”

A curriculum management audit is an independent examination of three data sources: documents, interviews, and site visits. These are gathered and triangulated, or corroborated, to reveal the extent to which a school district is meeting its goals and objectives, whether they are internally or externally developed or imposed. A public report is issued as the final phase of the auditing process.

The audit’s scope is centered on curriculum and instruction, and any aspect of operations of a school system that enhances or hinders its design and/or delivery. The audit is an intensive, focused, “postholed” look at how well a school system such as Clover Park School District has been able to

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1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

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