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Insight2market have been investigating the freshest and most inspiring food & drink trends from around the world that, we believe, are set to influence the food and drink industry throughout 2009.

In our journey, we hope to stimulate your creative juices and inspire innovation in your business!

Introduction: Top Trends for 2009

With the economic downturn likely to continue through a big part of 2009, home cooking, casual and simple meals and recession-proof dining would be some of buzzwords in this year culinary world.

Comforting recipes, aspirational eating, “necessary luxuries” (like chocolate, wines, syrups and baked features) will be able to make people feel a bit warmer and safer in this turbulent and stormy period.

When the world around us is unclear, we like authenticity to give us a sense of safety and direction. Simple and authentic ingredients, traditional dishes, uncomplicated products will get the lion’s share this year. Forget molecular gastronomy with its foams and gelatin spheres, say good-bye to complicated restaurant creations with plenty of garnishes and a number of sauces, this will be the year of simple and more cost effective foods. This is going to be the year of Asian noodles, woodfired baked pizzas and slow cooked meat stews.

In this time of growing interest in healthful living, Nutritional/Health, as a culinary theme, is a very important trend that we need to watch very closely. Together with nutritionally balanced childrens’ dishes, gluten-free products and allergy conscious meals, we have seen a number of “superfruits” and “miracle grains” used in various chef creations.

As the broader trend of health will carry on growing, the trend of choosing certain foods to follow philosophy-driven food choices, like local sourcing, organics, artisanal items and sustainable seafood, has gained a privileged place in the culinary world. As interest in food and the culinary arts develops, consumers

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