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are becoming more knowledgeable about the food they eat, and chefs are using their talents to fulfil the demand for dishes that follow these trends.

On the drink segment, micro-distilled liquor and beer, culinary cocktails (created to complement specific foods and dishes, savoury drinks, etc.) and organic wine are on top of the list as alcoholic drinks. Among non-alcohol beverages, specialty iced teas, organic coffee and flavoured/enhanced water are expected to be hot in 2009.

Enjoy reading the juiciest trends for 2009!

Bite-size desserts

Bite-size desserts are, without doubt, one of the hottest food trends we have spotted around.

Tiny cakes, pastries, cookies, candies, and tarts are literally popping up on the menus of restaurants all over the globe.

Chefs world-wide are pampering customers with wonderful miniature desserts that are as delightful and tasty as their larger counter-parts.

The craze probably started with Magnolia cupcakes, a dessert Carrie Bradshaw introduced to the entire world in Sex and the City. Magnolia’s tiny but fancy cupcakes are a visual and a tasty extravaganza that doesn’t carry the guilt of the hefty, whole portion of cake.

In these stressful times, these cute baking items are more comforting to the soul than molecular gastronomy foams, gelatin spheres and agar-agar jellies.

Gourmet chocolate bonbons are following this trend as well. These delightful and sophisticated delicacies are the right items for what Joan Steuer (a chocolate industry analyst) calls “self- gifting” — the idea that it’s OK to give yourself a little treat every once in a while, or even every day.

No doubt: this is all about indulgence and aspirational eating! (PHOTO SOURCE: Maryam S ON FLICKR, CC)

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