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Bread is back

With the increase trend in the specialty sandwich and simple food, bread has made a significant comeback. After the peak of the low carb/Atkins diet trend (around 2004), bread is not longer perceived as something to fear.

If white bread is regaining in popularity, there is no doubt that wholegrain is increasingly popular, both as a bread and added ingredient in products like soups, and cereals. According to Mintel’s consumer research, almost half (48 percent) of respondents say that they are “eating more bread advertised as wholegrain than I did last year.”

A number of relatively unusual grains, called often “miracle” because of their health properties, are making their way through, like quinoa and spelt (which are full of protein and have nutty flavours) or kamut (with a mild, somewhat sweet taste and rich in protein and mineral) and millet (highly nutritious, not glutinous and easy to digest).


Sustainable sea food

The oceans are suffering greatly from overfishing and the depletion of fish populations (along with the ocean life that depends on them for survival).

Restaurants around the world are taking steps to show consumers that they are dedicated to ensure a future seafood supply and, since a big portion of seafood worldwide is eaten in restaurants, chefs have the potential to make a big impact on the ocean’s health.

Sustainable seafood guides are becoming ready available to chefs and consumers. Lists change according to season and fishing quotas. Line caught fish is now incredibly popular, and customers are informed about how and where there fish was sourced!

Barramundi is incredibly popular and it is becoming the white fish of choice for upscale restaurants and retailers, even across America where it was introduced by the Australis aquaculture company. Australis Barramundi was selected as a winner in the 7th Annual Australian Sustainability Awards, receiving the “Special Award for Environment”.

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