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Organic, locally-grown & seasonal food

Offering organic options has become standard. The

emphasis on locally-grown and seasonal ingredients is now so popular, (just take a look at the food magazines!) to the point that we believe these mega trends are now becoming mainstream in the restaurant industry.

“Farmers market” is the new mantra, as an increasing concern over food miles continues to nourish this green consumer ethic. IMBY’s (In my backyard) want to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs-no matter how large or small their garden.

The spin-off generated by this big movement, is creating a number of fresh and smaller trends like fancy greens, “Top-to-Tail”, specialty jams and preserves that could be interesting to follow.

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Fancy greens

Chefs from seasonal and local restaurants are featuring recipes that take advantage of “fresh from the field” fruit and vegetables. Some chefs are also starting to grow-their-own. What a pleasure to be able to pluck a fresh sprig of parsley from outside your back door, or make pesto out of your own basil.

Gone are the days of the iceberg lettuce salads in fine restaurants. Chefs are becoming expert agronomists and green salad nowadays is very often synonymous of a fusion between 4 or 5 different green leaves. Wild dandelion greens, baby spinach, purslane, arugula, curly cress and radicchio are getting very familiar to fresh salad lovers and they are very often combined with edible flowers and a variety of fresh fruits or berries.

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