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“Fresh-from-the-garden” cocktails

The fresh cocktail trend is taking hold in the hippest and coolest lounges and restaurants. Bartenders are tapping the new cocktail trend by foraging in the kitchen for ingredients.

Fruit, herbs and spices, sweet and vegetable, nothing it seems is off-limits. Cucumber, rosemary, lavender, rhubarb syrup, celery, jalapeño, pepper or sweet potatoes are muddling with vodka, Martini or Tequila to create a unique sensory experience!

These “fresh-from-the-garden” cocktails are naturally matched with food, melding the flavours of herbs or veggies with alcohol. It sets up an easy transition into a meal and makes the drinks well suited to accompany a gourmet food menu. Experts recommend pairing cocktails and food from the same regions. Dishes and drinks that use the same ingredients marry well and delight the diner, such as a dill-and- cucumber vodka tonic with a dill-crusted fillet of fish.

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Stormy water

There is no doubt: water is certainly “in” when it comes to drink trend.

Water has a very healthy connotation. It is the perfect beverage for quenching thirst after a heated workout at the gym, it purifies the body -giving the perfect balance-, it is a wonderful drink to provide refreshment.

Now, the big controversy starts when it comes to the water type: is the trend going in the direction of tap water or mineral, flavoured, enriched bottled water is going to take the lead? Environmental sustainability as well as the economic crunch could definitely help the tap water trend making a steady jump, while convenience, variety, indulgence and Nutritional/health- in the case of vitamin water- could support a wider growth of the battled water.

Are consumers going to fill a bottle with tap water and put it in their backpack? or are they going to grab a fruit or herbal flavoured water - eventually enriched with functional ingredients- from supermarket shelf? Both points of view require careful consideration!

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