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to disclosures of domestic violence and/or violence in teen dating relationships.

All school personnel should be prepared to respond to spontaneous disclosures of students by offering support and assisting them in connecting with the school's domestic violence response team.

c.Schools should cooperate fully in the enforcement of all court orders, including orders of protection and orders for custody.

More than half of the annual 350,000 child abductions occur in the context of domestic violence and 40% of these occur post-separation and divorce. (42) When valid custody orders or orders of protection exist, all relevant school personnel should be informed and prepared to ensure that children are not improperly released to a non-custodial parent and to ensure that a parent against whom an order of protection is issued is not given access to the child(ren). School personnel should actively encourage parents/guardians to provide the school with copies of existing orders to facilitate enforcement. Copies of orders can be kept in students' files.

Schools should have written authorization from the custodial parent regarding the persons to whom the children can be released in the event of an emergency. This may include having photographs of both the abuser and the persons to whom a child can be released on file with the school.

Schools should also cooperate in maintaining the confidentiality of the address of a victim of domestic violence and should, whenever possible, remove this information  from school documents that are accessible to anyone other than the victim.

d.Schools should actively promote a zero tolerance ethic for domestic violence in the school community, including the development of written policies and procedures for reinforcing accountability and imposing consequences on students who perpetrate violence on school grounds.

The response to student abusers should be swift, consistent, and commensurate. Appropriate safety-related procedures should be implemented, including necessary school security procedures. These policies should be developed in conjunction with the in-house response team and domestic violence advocacy programs, and should be communicated to parents and to the public at large.

e.Schools should develop written policies and protocols for dealing with a situation in which a student has been a victim of another student's abuse in a dating relationship.

Such policies and procedures should be developed for responding

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