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establish plans for supervision and internal accountability measures;

provide measures for responding to domestic incidents should they occur in or affect the workplace, and establish supervisory responsibilities when employees are identified as victims or perpetrators of domestic abuse; and

establish mechanisms for evaluation and periodic public reporting.

Such policies/procedures should be widely disseminated to associated county offices and public agencies with clearly articulated expectations regarding implementation. To ensure the maximum degree of consistent and coordinated response, such policies/procedures should also be widely disseminated throughout the private sector, including businesses, private and not-for-profit health and human service agencies, and employee unions.

(1)This policy primarily addresses adult partner violence, although there may be many similarities in "best practice" responses to both adult and adolescent abusers and victims. The use of violence and coercion by teenagers in dating relationships is common, the pattern of young abusers'  coercive tactics is very similar to that of adults, and young abusers can and do perpetrate physical assaults that result in serious and life-threatening injury and death. Teen dating violence is addressed in the  Education System section.

(2) Not all systems operate from this inclusive definition of intimate partner relationships. For example, statutory definitions restrict access to Family Court for many victims of adult partner violence. Some statutory definitions, however, set a minimum standard (mandatory arrest, for example), but do not preclude expansion of the definition of intimate partner relationships. Since domestic violence occurs in all of the above-mentioned relationships, systems and providers should operate from the most inclusive definition of intimate partner relationships possible, unless to do so would be in violation of existing statute. Further, since the lack of a unified definition of domestic violence in communities is often an obstacle to coordinated responses, adoption of a unified, inclusive definition is an important step in strengthening a community's response to domestic violence.

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