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deposited automatically to employee bank accounts. Employers should expedite requests for changing the process of electronic transfers in order to assist victims who are employees to protect themselves and their dependents and to protect their financial resources.

d.Workplace safety procedures should be developed, or evaluated and modified  if necessary, to ensure that they reflect the particular security risks that arise in domestic violence situations. Employers should consult with the victimized employee to identify case-specific concerns and should develop individualized response plans as appropriate.

Many agencies have emergency procedures already in place to deal with trespassing, violence in the workplace, and harassment. It is important to evaluate existing policies to ensure that they are appropriate to domestic violence situations, including stalking. With the consent of the victim, individualized workplace safety plans may include advising co-employees of the situation; setting up procedures for alerting security and/or the police; temporary relocation of the victim to a secure area; options for transfer or permanent relocation to a new work site; reassignment of parking space; escort for entry to and exit from the building; dealing with telephone or mail harassment; and plans for addressing identified contingencies.

e.Employers and union representatives should actively utilize Employee Assistance Program (EAP) representatives as resources for themselves as well as the employee. Victims should be encouraged to contact their Employee Assistance Program representative and, if the victim desires, the employer or union representative could facilitate this linkage.

Employee Assistance Program representatives can be valuable resources to supervisors, managers, human resource personnel, and union representatives, as well as to employees themselves. EAP staff who are appropriately trained can provide knowledgeable referrals to community-based domestic violence service programs, can provide initial and ongoing support, problem-solving and safety-planning assistance and, with the consent of the victim, can serve as a liaison between the employee and other involved parties.

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