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persons in their lives who may be in better positions to help and support their recovery efforts. Similarly, victims should not be asked to participate in their partners' substance abuse treatment plans, but should be offered safety-related services and/or referrals.

In cases in which the domestic violence is not identified in an initial screening, but is recognized or exposed later in the intervention process, providers should develop strategies for terminating the family or conjoint sessions without further endangering victims.

j.With the consent of the victim, substance abuse treatment providers should inform all staff when a client has an order of protection and should keep a copy of the order of protection in a confidential on-site location.

It is helpful for staff of the substance abuse treatment program to be informed and/or  have access to information regarding program clients who have orders of protection so that they will be prepared to take appropriate action regarding enforcement of the orders, if necessary. With a victim's consent, this information should be made available to all staff even if they do not have direct program responsibility for a particular client.

k.Victims of domestic violence should be provided with a safe (gender and culturally affirmative) environment to discuss their safety-related concerns, such as in women-only groups with female leaders, and should be offered female clinicians if so desired.

While most victims of domestic violence are likely to be more concerned about the nature of the clinician's response to their victimization, rather than to the gender or specific cultural, religious, or ethnic background of the clinician, clinicians should be sensitive to the particular needs and desires of individual clients, and when appropriate and possible, should offer clients the opportunity to work with a female clinician or a clinician from the same cultural background.

l.When victims of domestic violence are not themselves involved with substances, but request or receive substance abuse treatment as family members of alcohol/other drug abusers, they should be referred to domestic violence services regarding their safety-related needs, and should be informed of the potential limitations of 12-step groups or co-dependency treatment to effectively address their safety-related concerns.

Many of the behaviors that are associated with co-dependency-

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