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All substance abuse providers should be trained on the issue of domestic violence. The training should include an understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, assessment tools, appropriate interview and intervention skills, and an adequate understanding of domestic violence resources, as outlined in the Guiding Principles, 3.a. In addition, substance abuse treatment providers should receive training on the relationship between domestic violence and the development of alcohol/other drug problems in women, the use of alcohol/other drug use as an excuse for abusers' coercive and violent behavior, the ways in which abusers use alcohol/other drug use as a mechanism of  control, and strategies for intervention that promote victim safety, abuser accountability, and recovery from addictions. Training should be thorough and ongoing.

b.With the appropriate releases of information, substance abuse treatment providers should coordinate case management for chemically addicted men who batter with probation, parole, law enforcement, the courts, and Batterers Intervention Programs, as appropriate.

Coordinated efforts are of particular importance to effectively reinforce abuser accountability. If a substance abuse treatment program has responsibility for a component of a domestic violence offender's sentence and becomes aware of a violation of any term of the sentence, or any new domestic violence offense, the substance abuse treatment provider should report the violation to the sentencing court or Probation Department.

c.With the appropriate releases of information, case management for chemically addicted victims should be coordinated, as appropriate, with domestic violence service programs, and the health care, mental health, child welfare, and legal systems.

Case management and coordination is key to the success of victims in developing and implementing effective safety plans. It is essential that involved systems work together to ensure that substance abuse treatment and intervention goals support victims' attempts to be safe.

d.Accurate information on domestic violence should be included in alcohol/ other drug education and prevention efforts.

The community, including its young people, needs to know that alcohol/other drug use does not cause domestic violence, and will therefore not be accepted as an excuse for such behavior. Accountability for violence needs to be reinforced

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