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A Quick Start

As soon as you bring the Waves Amp up on your track insert, the amp is ready to go. The default Amp Type is a Clean amplifier that recreates the behavior of a vintage tube amp built circa 1959. It simulates playing through an open back speaker cabinet equipped with four 10” Alnico magnet speakers. It is an appropriate setup for any Stomp PedalBoard and its chain of effects. The Drive control lets you crank up the gain for more intensity without changing your output volume.

With a clean input, this amp can be driven into light distortion by turning up the drive knob or by feeding it with the signal from a hot active pickup.

For a more distorted tone, click the Amp Type pop-up menu and select the type of drive. The Amp Type models are sorted in an escalating gain order.

After you’ve selected your amplifier, open up a post amp PedalBoard. Reverb, Vibrolo, Delay, EQ and Compression are all suitable post amp effects.

One example for a full setup would be a Stomp 6 Mono-to-Stereo PedalBoard with its default preset, followed by a Stereo Waves Amp, followed by a Stomp 2 Stereo PedalBoard with a Vibrolo Stomp and a Spring Reverb Stomp.

With just this in mind you should be able to do wonders with the Waves GTR™ system. For more detailed information, please read on in this manual.

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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