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Amps and Cabinets


The Amp Types offered are inspired by famous, rare and vintage guitar amplifiers.

The Amp Types selector allows you to select the amp model. The types are categorized by sound and increasing levels of Drive. They offer a limited range of gain adjustment using the Drive control. Each Amp Type loads with presets for cabinet, microphone, and mic placement settings. The Drive stages are normalized to maintain relative loudness.

Here are some short descriptions of the Amp Types:

Direct – The Direct Amp is the cleanest model, producing a full-frequency tone with light EQ and a hint of dynamics processing. Since this Amp Type loads without a cabinet or microphone, you can choose the cabinet that best serves your needs.

Clean – The Clean amp recreates the behavior of a vintage tube amplifier built circa 1959. It has a smooth, warm sound that moves from transparent and sparkling to a delicate distortion. By default, this amp launches with an open back cabinet equipped with 4 Alnico magnet 10” speakers.

Edgy –The Edgy amp recreates the behavior of a 60’s-era tube amplifier and ranges from cool and clear to a thunderous crunch. Its default setup is an open back cabinet with two 12” thirty-watt speakers. It delivers a generous dynamic response curve depending on the touch of the individual player.

Drive – is the go-to amp for a bluesy growl and saturated sounds. It will sound almost clean at low drive settings. The default cabinet is an open back with four 10” speakers.

Crunch – The Crunch Amp Crunch is tailor-made for lead lines and heavy sustained walls of grunge. Many prominent guitarists have used high gain tube amp circuits such as the one that inspired this tone. The definition, resolution and detail maintain clarity for each separate string. While additional odd harmonics creep in with higher drive settings, lowering the drive will never quite deliver a “clean” sound. The default cabinet is a closed back ¼ stack with two 12” speakers. For a beefier tone, try the classic ½ stack with four 12” speakers.

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