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AMP: On/Bypass, default – On. This control allows bypassing or activating the Amp. If set on Bypass, it will bypass the Amp part only and play directly through the cabinet and mic. To bypass the cabinet, select No Cabinet in the cabinet selector control. For full bypass use the plug-in bypass provided by the host application.

TYPE: DIRECT/CLEAN/EDGY/DRIVE/CRUNCH/HOT/MODERN; Default – Clean. Use the Amp Type Selector to choose the amp sound. Clicking on the Amp Type selector will toggle it to the next Amp Type. Clicking the arrow to the right will unfold all types in a drop down menu for instant selection of the Type you like. When selecting an Amp Type the tones will flatten and the cabinet and mic selectors will assume the Amp defaults. From here you can select different options and save your custom presets into the Amp’s Load menu or to files.

In all channel configurations, you must choose one amp model. This will feed one Amp Cabinet in Mono, or two cabinets and microphone models in Mono DualCab, Mono-to-Stereo and Stereo to Stereo.


CABINET AND MICROPHONE SELECTORS Select your cabinet and microphone using the appropriate pop-up menu selector. These selectors will toggle when clicking on the text bar and clicking on the arrow to the right will unfold a drop down menu with all available choices for quick selection.

Each cabinet offers a choice of 6 microphones. They can be positioned either on or off axis.

You may also choose “No Cabinet” (which also uses no microphone). This is essentially a bypassed cabinet. While listening to a cranked amp without a speaker cabinet is not very sonically pleasing, the option is available and is the default choice for the Direct Amp.

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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