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  • 2 Stomp Spaces PedalBoard: Stomp 2 Mono, Stomp 2 m>s (Mono-to- Stereo) and Stomp 2 Stereo.

  • 4 Stomp Spaces PedalBoard: Stomp 4 Mono, Stomp 4 m>s (Mono-to- Stereo) and Stomp 4 Stereo.

  • 6 Stomp Spaces PedalBoard: Stomp 6 Mono, Stomp 6 m>s (Mono-to- Stereo) and Stomp 6 Stereo.

Stomp assignment is flexible, allowing placement of the Stomps in any order. Multiple instances of the same Stomp can even be chained together. The selection of Stomps and their settings, including an alternative “B setting” can be saved to PedalBoard setup files or workstation documents such as sessions, songs, etc.

PedalBoard Controls The Stomp PedalBoard has the following automatable controls: Input gain, Setup A/B, Previous Setup and Next Setup.

The PedalBoard also has output meters and an output clip indicator.

The Stomp menu will show all of the Stomps that are available for inserting; Stomps that are not available will be grayed out. In Native host applications the list will consist of all installed Waves GTR™ Stomp Plug-Ins.

The Stomp PedalBoard launches fully loaded with its default setup. Each setup has two presets (A and B). They consist of the same chain of Stomp effects in the same order but with different settings. Going back and forth between setup A and B is instantaneous and will not take much time to load. For example, this lets you switch between different settings for different sections within the same song.

Drag and Drop your Stomps into any configuration that you like. Try it!

TDM NOTES In TDM systems, the list displays Stomps according to availability. Only Stomps that can fit the DSP chip on which the Stomp PedalBoard is loaded will show as available. Stomps that require more than your available system resources will be grayed out. Sometimes Stomps can be rearranged for better memory allocation. In this case the Stomp menu item will display an asterisk ( * ) next to the Stomps’ menu item. This means that the Stomp can probably be loaded. The process may require a reshuffle and will take a couple of seconds to resolve.

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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