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The Waves Guitar Tool Rack is a software and hardware package that achieves real professional guitar sounds in the virtual world. It offers a comprehensive selection of guitar amp sounds, a complete set of guitar Stomp effects, a precision tuner and the hardware WPGI (Waves/Paul Reed Smith Guitar Interface).

The Waves GTR™ is similar to a typical suite of guitar gear, designed with both the guitar player and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) user in mind. The Waves GTR™ system requires a supported Digital Audio Workstation host application and some basic knowledge of its operation.

As always, sound quality is our foremost priority. This software was designed to be used in professional sessions in place of hardware amplifiers and effects. This doesn’t mean abandoning your usual recording practices, but instead, expanding your options.

Using the WPGI, you can record both the signal playing through a hardware amp and a high quality direct signal to another track for further processing. This way, limitations in the recorded sound won’t make you lose a great take.

Another advantage is that the GTR™ system requires little or no maintenance to deliver peak performance, while it puts the professionalism and experience of leading guitar sound technicians at your fingertips.

Product Overview

The WPGI is a hardware unit that sends an optimized guitar signal to your DAW. We highly recommend using the WPGI when recording your guitar direct into your DAW.

The Waves GTR™ system includes a collection of 23 virtual Stomp boxes, 3 different sized virtual PedalBoards, a Tuner and the Waves Amp. These software plug-ins were engineered to work with the host application of your choice.

The Waves Stomp software offers a selection of effects ranging from basics like EQ, compressor and gate to modulation effects such as phaser, flanger, chorus, and wah wah. Delays, reverbs and a collection of distortion effects are also included. These Stomp effects are chained by the Stomp PedalBoard. MIDI control is easily mastered by using the MIDI learn function.

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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