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Automation The Stomp PedalBoard Plug-in features a bypass and 7 Expression elements per Stomp Space, totaling 48 automatable elements. The Expression elements automate the controls of any assigned Stomp. The Expression elements are expressed as control numbers within Stomp spaces (e.g. Stomp 1 Bypass, Stomp 1 Control 1, Stomp 1 Control 2, etc.)

After the bypass, the next expression element will be assigned to the upper left hand control of the stomp. Additional elements will be assigned in order to the right of that control and then lower than the control. So, on the Flanger Stomp, the automation control order will be: 1 – Depth 2 – Manual Rate, 3 – Sync Rate, 4 – Sync On/Off , 5 – Delay, 6 – Feedback, 7 – Stereo.

STOMP MIDI SUPPORT The Stomp Pedalboard is fully MIDI controllable by assigning the controls of its stomps to MIDI controllers. Continuous control scales are mapped to the full MIDI controller resolution 0 = min and 127 = max. Toggle action buttons (such as the sync rate button or bypass activate pedal) can receive a note-on command. Or, they can get linear mapping to MIDI resolution over a 128 value range. A 2 state toggle is at 0 (off) from 0-63 and 1 (on) from 64 to 127.

You can control A/B setup switching and preset selection by assigning the A/B or Previous/Next toolbar controls to MIDI note or controller.

All MIDI assignments get saved with presets so that when you load your preset it is ready to receive MIDI control as you programmed it.

MIDI Assignment Interface Each Stomp control can be assigned to a single MIDI controller at a time. However, a single MIDI controller can be assigned to multiple Stomp controls.

The easiest option for linking a MIDI event to a stomp control is Learn.

Right Clicking on any of the Stomp controls will display a MIDI assignment menu for that control As follows:

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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