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Virtual Stomp Boxes

The Waves Virtual Stomp Boxes are audio signal processing plug-Ins especially designed for electric guitar. As with the Waves Amp, while these stomps are intended for electric guitar they can sound great for many other applications as well.

Most Waves Virtual Stomp boxes have Mono, Mono-to-Stereo and Stereo components. Certain Stomps that specialize in Stereo processing (such as the Panner) have only Mono-to-Stereo or Stereo components.

The Stomp plug-ins Toolbar shows the Preset name bar and Save/Load menus for preset management.

Use the Load menu to go through the supplied factory presets or load your own for each individual stomp. Use the Save function to save your own custom presets to the preset menu or to an external file.

SOME STOMP TIPS: The stomps are available only through the Stomp PedalBoard. The minimal PedalBoard offers 2 Stomp spaces. It often sounds good to start with the Gate or Gate/Comp Stomp to eliminate pickup buzz, signal noise, etc. This is especially useful when using distortion setups or when going into a driven or high gain amp.

Stereo effects use more DSP power than their Mono counterparts, so it is generally best to use Mono Stomps at the beginning of a chain. Use Mono-to- Stereo later on in the chain as needed. Then, feed the Stereo output to a Stereo Amp (or to 2 Mono amps in Pro Tools or when applicable.)

In general, Distortion Stomps will sound good early in the chain while Delay and Reverb Stomps will sound best later. Try opening a Stereo PedalBoard after your amp for delays, reverbs, vibrato, panning and/or corrective EQ.

Waves Stomp effects are divided into four basic categories:

Modulation - This group includes pitch, amplitude and filter modulation plug-ins such as Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Panner, Vibrolo, Wah, Doubler and Octaver effects.

Space & Ambience – includes Reverb, Delay, Spring and LayD.

Distortion – includes Distortion, OverDrive, Buzz, Fuzz and Metal Distortion.

Basics – includes effects such as gates, compressors, and equalizers.

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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