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For best results: Use the Stomps together with the Waves Amp!!!

The Waves Amp gives you access to a series of premium high-end virtual guitar amplifiers ranging from clean vintage tube amps to modern hard rocking amp sounds. They sound as if they have been recorded with your choice of high end and popular microphones and mic placements. As with any plug-in, you can use as many instances of these effects as your workstation can handle.

The software is equipped with a comprehensive set of factory presets that help you get started with great sounding effect chains and amp tones. These presets are easily adjustable.

Live Input and Latency Latency is the slight delay you hear between the time that you play your guitar and that you hear the processed sound coming from your computer. This is not an issue when you are mixing but can be annoying when you are playing.

While ProTools TDM has no noticeable latency, Native based systems do have some latency.

It is important to understand that this latency is not caused by the GTR™ software but by the architecture of your DAW. In some cases DAWs can eliminate latency by direct hardware monitoring of live input. While this method is effective, it eliminates or bypasses any effects inserted in that track.

If you are experiencing latency, try lowering the buffer size in your host application. A strong computer with a good soundcard and the appropriate drivers will generally get low latency. For live playing you will need to achieve the lowest possible latency; in contemporary systems, this should be less then 10 milliseconds and can potentially reach as low as 6 ms or even 4 ms. TDM systems function without noticeable latency.

Quick Start

With the Waves GTR you can do virtually anything you could do with a real set of guitar effects and amps. The better you can operate your DAW, the more options you have for creating amazing virtual process setups. However, in order to get great professional guitar tone all you need is the very basics.

For a good starting point it is recommended to open a Stomp6 PedalBoard as the first insert of your guitar input track. Following the Stomp6, launch a Stereo Amp and following the amp launch a stereo Stomp2 for post amp effects.

On the Stomp6 you can select you own custom choice of effects or go to the load button and select a factory preset such as the first preset in the first group – ReadyToRock. The Amp defaults are a great starting point and in the post amp

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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