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Stomp2 go to the factory presets under the load menu and select the first preset from the PostAmps group called – AmpComplement.

Now you have a perfectly playable setup and you can use your skill and inspiration to experiment from here on as you like.

Useful Tips

ORDER OF PROCESSORS AND EFFECTS Typical electric guitar sound setups usually include different types of effects such as Dynamics, EQ, Modulation effects, Distortions or Non Linear Amplification and Delays, Reverbs or other dimension enhancers. In the following section we will discuss the recommended order of the process chains initially in a concise fashion without going to the depth and reasoning of each recommendation. Please note that a lot of what’s documented in this section is based on experience and perception and is arguable although it will be concurrent with what most professionals in guitar and recording business would say.

Pre Amplifier effects – e.g. A typical stomp effects Pedalboard that the guitar is connected to its input and its output connects to the Guitar Amp.

Effects that fit this type naturally are – Gates, Compressors, EQ’s, Distortions, Modulation effects are very good effects to insert before a fairly clean amp. Manual WahWah effects are great in many places in the chain and inserting them after the distortion effects is recommended in order to get the most wah. However, auto filter and wah effects follow the signal dynamics which is destroyed by distortion effects so an auto wah may work best before the distortion effects.

Reverb and Delay effects will work differently when placed before vs. after the guitar amplifier. When working with a mostly clean amp placing delays after the Gates Compressors and Distortions and before the amp will sound great and will receive the warmth and character of the guitar amp. Reverb can also sound great through a clean guitar amp and if you are looking to enhance the wash and surf of the reverb effect then trying it before the amp is a must. For a natural room reverb sound, place the reverb in different place.

Guitar Amplifier – either a combo or head and cabinet. Many times amps have an FX loop insert between the preamp and power amp stages. This insert point is more commonly used in live performance and for the most part it is similar to Post Amplifier effects, thus the GTR does not provide any effects processing within the Amplifier.

Post Amplifier effects – e.g. a set of audio processors inserted on the channel that captures the guitar signal from a microphone recording the amp cabinet. Vibrato and dimension enhancers such as Reverb and Delay/Echo are common post amp effects where the delay and echo are set as insert effects so that they

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