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The Dot lights up whenever the pitch is -6 to +6 cents from the desired pitch. Thus, whenever the tune is between -6 to -3 cents both the Dot and the Left arrow are lit and when the tune is +3-+6 cents both the dot and the right arrow are lit.

REFERENCE TUNE To the left of the arrows and dot is the reference tune that defaults to 440 and can be adjusted +/- 6 cents.

MODE POP-UP. Located at the right of the arrows and dot display, the Mode allows selecting between Chromatic, Guitar (standard guitar tuning), and various alternate tunings. This pop-up applies presets to the Notes status and you can use the preset load save system for saving and reloading custom alternate tunings.

NOTES CONTROLS AND VIEWS Located at the bottom are the 12 notes. Each is a toggle control that can be enabled (bright highlight) or disabled (dark).

Each enabled note can be Ready or Current. The Current status is assigned to the enabled note that is closest to the detected input and is highlighted indicating that this is the note that the user is currently tuning to. The current note will also be indicated beneath the dot, within the dot and arrows area. Any other enabled note will be considered Ready.

Clicking on any of the note controls will disable or enable it.

The Tuner has normal Save/Load functions. Only the note status and the reference tune will be saved.

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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