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SETTING UP GTR™ FOR STEINBERG - NUENDO OR CUBASE When using Cubase or NUENDO for playing live through the GTR software, all you need to do is –

1. Open a track that takes input from the physical input that the WPGI – Waves PRS Guitar Interface is connected to.

  • 2.

    Launch the plug-ins that you would like to play through.

  • 3.

    Press the little speaker icon on that track.

This will pass the input to your monitoring system and you should be able to hear your live input guitar playing through your monitoring system in real time. Any added plug-ins on the track’s inserts should also be affecting the live input in real time.

Minimize Latency and Eliminate direct monitoring From the Cubase Devices menu select the bottom most item – Device Setup. It is important to check the Device Setup panel and make sure that the VST Audiobay is set to optimal buffer settings and does not have Direct Monitoring checked because this will bypass any plug-ins on the track and the sound will be direct only. Click the VST Audiobay page and look for the Direct Monitoring checkbox. If the Direct Monitoring checkbox is checked, uncheck it. Check that the input and output latency are less or equal about 10ms. If the indicated latency is more, then you should reduce the buffer size for your ASIO device by selecting it, launching its device control panel and reducing buffer size to 128 or as your device and computer CPU will allow. Note that smaller buffers allow lower latency but add load on the CPU so when you are not recording and latency is no longer a problem, it may be a good idea to increase the buffer size settings for better CPU performance.

Track Routing and Channel configurations In Nuendo and Cubase the track routing path is output oriented. So if your output is Stereo you need to use a Stereo Track. While a guitar requires a mono input, in many cases you would want to open mono to stereo and stereo effects. However, it is possible to do the wrong thing and open stereo or mono to stereo plug-ins on mono track. The results will be wrong and wont sound as they should. Read on in order to understand how to make the routing work.

When working in Cubase or NUENDO mono plug-ins go on mono tracks; stereo plug-ins go on stereo tracks; Mono to Stereo plug-ins go on a stereo track w/ mono input, this is a common and useful configuration for a Guitar input.

For Mono To Stereo Plug-ins in Nuendo/Cubase

  • -

    Open a stereo track

  • -

    Click on the little speaker icon for input monitoring. Or record or place your

mono audio file on the track

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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