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Now you can safely insert a Mono To Stereo Stomp Pedalboard plug-in and after it you can insert more Stereo Plug-Ins such as a Stereo WavesAmp and more Effects as needed.

TDM USAGE NOTES Digidesign TDM systems allow using the Waves GTR™ Plug-Ins on the TDM DSP hardware. This allows zero latency functionality for both live input and mixing.

The Waves GTR is designed to work with ProTools HD and HD Accel hardware in sample rates up to 96kHz. The Plug-Ins are also available as native plug-ins under RTAS or AudioSuite. The TDM hardware allows running any plug-in on up to a single DSP element. While multiple plug-ins can share a single DSP, a single plug-in cannot run on multiple DSP’s and this creates a set of constrains and some inherent limitations. All GTR plug-ins will show in the menus but not all will be able to run under TDM in all situations and selecting a plug-ins that is incompatible will result in DAE Error 7004. this means that there no free DSP to run this plug-in.

On Digi HD Core and HD Process types running sessions at up to 48kHz all Waves Stomp plug-ins are available and running however Waves Amp plug-in will run only in Mono, but you can launch it in MultiMono in order to get a stereo amp substitute in true TDM. The WavesAmp Mono Dual Cabinet, Waves Amp Mono to Stereo and Waves Amp Stereo will be available as HTDM, this means that the TDM bus will host the native code portion of the plug-ins, however convenient this option will introduce a fair amount of latency when playing live input into the GTR plug-ins. HTDM is available in ProTools 6.7 and up to 6.9.2.

At 96kHz only the Stomp2 PedalBoard plug-in will be available for full TDM functionality and all

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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