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the other bundle components will be available as HTDM or native RTAS or AudioSuite plug-ins.

On Digi HD Accel process cards working in sample rates up to 48kHz will allow running all bundle components. In 96kHz the only amp available will be the Waves Amp mono, but you can launch it in MultiMono in order to get a stereo amp substitute in true TDM. The WavesAmp Mono Dual Cabinet, Waves Amp Mono to Stereo and Waves Amp Stereo will be available as HTDM, this means that the TDM bus will host the native code portion of the plug-ins, however convenient this option will introduce a fair amount of latency when playing live input into the GTR plug-ins. HTDM is available in ProTools 6.7 and up to 6.9.2.

Stomp PedalBoard effect chainers are also limited by the TDM DSP hardware in the amount of Stomp plug-ins that can be loaded into a single Stomp plug-in instance. Thus when you launch a Stomp PedalBoard and begin to insert stomp plug-ins you will see all Stomp plug-ins in the Stomp selection pop up menu’s, however as DSP resources begin to be consumed the list will begin to have certain stomps show as grayed out and unavailable. This means that there’s not enough DSP left to run these stomps. Other stomps may get an asterisk sign “*” next to their name. This means that inserting this stomp requires reshuffling or reloading the DSP in order to fit this stomp. It will load very well but the load operation will take a little longer then loading stomps that do not show the asterisk.

Some of the Stomp PedalBoard factory presets include combinations that may be too heavy to be fully loaded in some conditions. In this case the plug-ins that cannot load will load blank with a message stating which Stomp is missing. In this case you can hot-switch to a native version and the full chain with its full settings will be launched into the new native (or HTDM) component plug-in.

Waves Guitar Tool Rack User Guide.


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