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Key Components and Benefits of Process Improvement and ABM With years of industry experience, NKF Consulting can drive process improvement efforts through the implementation of Process Mapping, using activity-based methodology, which:

  • Identifies process improvement opportunities

  • Illuminates process costs and opportunities for reduction of redundant processes that increase costs

  • Improves customer service through the identification of non-value-added activities

  • Links processes to the organization’s strategy, supporting the identification of specific activities that enable/prevent the organization from achieving its strategic imperatives

  • Utilizes enabling technology tools that provide continuous monitoring of mapped processes to report process variation

  • Utilizes Lean and Six Sigma principles and expertise to identify and implement process changes

Locational Optimization Locational Optimization is the identification of the most favorable market, submarket and facilities, taking into account our clients’ key business considerations such as cost, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, operational risk and corporate image. This process brings together demographic analysis, locational adjacency studies, transportation needs and business strategy to render the best location possible.

Due to the very large number of criteria available as well as the volume of sites to consider, our Locational Optimization service assists our clients in choosing a site that best supports their business through a structural analytical process. We also assist in building consensus around criteria that will guide the process. Utilizing the same criteria, we compare all available markets, submarkets and facilities in a detailed analysis to further support the selection process. The result of our Locational Optimization services is the identification of the optimal market ,

submarket and facility for our client, coupled with the ability to defend the strategy quantitatively.

Relevant Experience: Consulting

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Newmark Knight Frank performed a global strategic assessment on the 100-million-square-foot portfolio of a Fortune 500 financial services company to identify savings by applying Alternative Workplace Strategy solutions.

The team was divided into four distinct units: Demand for Space Analysis, Supply of Space Analysis, Financial Analysis and Integration, and Change Management (Information Technology, Communications, Human Resources, etc.). The Demand for Space Analysis team analyzed workplace types (traveler, independent team member, resident) in the global HR database to determine the opportunities for alternate workplace strategies and to provide fewer seats than people to reduce the facilities footprint. The Supply of Space Analysis team analyzed the real estate and facilities database for head count, occupancy, cost per square foot, cost per person, etc., to define potential disposal sites and receptor sites for the target populations. Newmark Knight Frank developed a range of solutions from low cost to highly aggressive, and developed financial models by geographic area and by business unit.

The Newmark Knight Frank team identified almost $1 billion in savings over a four-year period. The team worked with corporate real estate as well as the regional real estate and business unit representatives to validate the savings. The team also developed budgetary estimates for capital spending, exit costs and change management to implement the plan.


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