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plot, character and theme. Examine a scene from one of Rayson’s plays and identify such changes.

  • Were you interested to learn about Rayson’s commitment to research?

  • What is Rayson’s view of the re- hearsal process?

  • ‘Being intellectually rigorous is im-


  • Hannie Rayson

Rayson offers her best writing tips in What I Wrote: Hannie Rayson. What tip do you think you will follow?

Analytic responses

The following topics could be used for written text responses, debates, panel discussions and online forums.

  • ‘Hannie Rayson’s plays are topical, complex dramas written with wit and humour.’ Discuss. Refer to one or more of Rayson’s plays to justify your interpretation.

  • ‘Hannie Rayson writes middle class theatre about middle class characters directed to middle class audiences.’ Is this a fair criticism of Rayson’s body of work?

From script to stage

  • Create and present a short solo performance from one of Rayson’s plays. Submit a short written report that describes and analyses the pro- cesses used to create and present the performance.

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