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Low back pain can result from lifting objects the wrong way or carrying heavy loads of wire or other material. Back pain can also occur as a result of injury from poor working surfaces such as wet or slippery floors. Back pain is common, but it can be disabling and can affect young individuals.

Chips and particles flying from tools can injure your eyes. Wear eye protection.

Falling objects can hit you. Wear a hard hat.

Sharp tools and power equipment can cause cuts and other injuries. If you receive a shock, you may react and be hurt by a tool.

Lift with your legs, not your back!

You can be injured or killed by falling from a ladder or scaffolding. If you receive a shock—even a mild one—you may lose your balance and fall. Even without being shocked, you could fall from a ladder or scaffolding.

You expose yourself to hazards when you do not wear PPE.

All of these situations need to be recognized as hazards.

You need to be especially careful when working on scaffolding or ladders.

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